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BAE Pathways

Limitless learning in any language!

Whether you’re looking for help in school or simply want to boost your knowledge, there is nothing more effective than being taught by a highly-qualified private instructor. We’ve been offering our services to people of all ages in the United States since 2020, and we're here to give you the personalized attention you deserve so that you can reach your full academic potential in a safe and curated program designed with you in mind! 

BAE Pathways:

  • Math

  • Literacy

  • Science 

  • Spanish 

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BAE Pathways- Limitless learning in any language!

Our Mission:

Bridges Academy of Excellence strives to provide equal access to high quality, multilingual instruction for learners of all ages and abilities. We maintain a standard of trailblazing excellence in all areas. We pride ourselves on providing culturally responsive instruction that utilizes a diverse range of instructional strategies to design a learning environment and experience, unlike any other multilingual educational facility. Bridges Academy of Excellence wholeheartedly accepts our purpose as educational way makers, connecting one classroom at a time to our global community.


B.A.E. pathways are individually curated curriculum plans filled with learner-centered interactive engagements designed to lead you or your child to success. These plans are created using the skills and experience you or your child has and incorporates it into our collaborative learning curriculum to develop literacy, mathematics, and science skills towards mastery. Our Pathways begin with our Pre-kindergartners ages 3-5 through elementary students ages 6-12 years old. Our world language pathway is available for learners of all ages.

Each course is rigorous, research-based and contains engaging multimedia elements to help students build critical knowledge and skills needed to be college and career ready. We offer B.A.E. Pathways as private sessions and group classes covering early childhood literacy, mathematics, science, and Spanish with the help of technology. Using an immersive curriculum packed with rich interactive materials, we provide a comprehensive framework that each student will collaboratively navigate with one of our esteemed educational professionals and with a small group of their peers in order to empower and support your scholar no matter where they are in their journey!

Choosing A Pathway:

So where do you begin? First, answer these questions with your child or for yourself... Are any of these subjects ones you enjoy? Do they wish they could do more experiments and projects from the comfort of their own home? What about your challenges? Which classes in school could you use more support? Are you interested in learning another language? Taking that information in consideration, you can then take a look at our learner objectives for each pathway offered. There you will see the goals of each pathway as well as the scope & sequence for that subject.

Once you have identified the pathway(s) you're interested in, head on over to our enrollment application. This will help us get to know a little about you or your child as well as the educational goals you have for your time on this pathway. You can also indicate whether you prefer private sessions or classes with one of our highly effective instructors. Each Pathway has weekly live instructional sessions. For the rest of the week, the students will engage with coursework and submit assignments that will demonstrate their proficiency and critical thinking to their instructor. These materials will be collaborative projects, recorded responses, family activities and real world applications of what they learn in class.

Please note:
Private sessions schedules are based on the availability of instructors. 
Class enrollment allows for 10 students per class.

Once you submit your application, one of our coordinators will reach out to you and discuss your plans and goals. We will then create a pathway schedule for you or your child. This schedule will be based off of your availability and we will do our best to make a plan that fits your needs. All of our staff members are dedicated to redesigning the traditional learning system and creating a new pathway to academic excellence for all learners!

At Bridges Academy of Excellence,

we believe learning is limitless!

We look forward collaborating with you on your educational journey!

Unsure of the best option for yourself or your child?

  Contact us and set up a virtual conference in which we can collaborate to identify which pathway is best suited for your family’s schedule, goals, and the learner's individual needs.

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