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A Bit About B.A.E.

Years of Experience and Proven Results

At the core of everything we do is our passion for providing equitable access to education for everyone. Every team member and tutor at B.A.E. stands by these values. We believe that by living out these values with our mission in mind, we are able to reach students in a more meaningful way—beyond the boundaries of the classroom. At Bridges Academy of Excellence, we are passionate about creating an equitable learning community that provides the support you need to experience a lifetime of limitless learning! 

2 years ago, we began this incredible journey! During the pandemic, we committed to designing a virtual learning experience that would provide our students with customized pathways that allow the learners to engage in both classroom-based and real world experiences with what they are learning! Using over ten years of experience in many diverse styles of teaching styles, such as STEM, Montessori, World Languages and International Baccalaureate's transdisciplinary instruction, we knew that this style would change the way we engage with our students as facilitators of learning. 

 Our first class of students excelled beyond our wildest expectations! The B.A.E. family continues to grow and we hope that you'll come join us in pursuit of our dream for education across the world!

As of June 2021, we are also having live sessions and classes across the Las Vegas valley. Use our subscribe form at the bottom of the page to learn more about our local learning community!

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